Fractal Sidequests

Hi! You may know me as xiq, @exgenesis, or just Francisco. This page is supposed to be a personal interface, it should give you an idea of what I'm about and whether and how we could vibe.

In Feb 2023 I'm:

  • Still looking for a job doing ML engineering (I got some experience and money this year already but need a full time position)
  • Pouring about what it means to be human and what desirable futures look like where AGI does most economically significant tasks
  • Building a rolling twitter oeuvre summarizer
    • I built a demo of an AI software engineer really fast so I'm wondering how fast I can build this for myself. I use twitter a lot and think it's our best engine for collective sensemaking. So I'm always thinking about ways to make it better and more efficient. I'd rather it be a protocol but that's irrelevant for the kind of work I do.
  • Still meditating and peeling back mental processes, 
    • finally started reading books about meditation: Seeing that Frees and Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha
    • Constantly cycling between: "I need to practice basic concentration", "I need better conceptual maps and to practice more", and "My life is my practice I don't need any of this"
    • LOOOOL found this
    • idk I feel like jhana 1 and 2 on command would be a good benchmark for concentration
  • Still figuring out how to weave social fabric effectively, local and over the web. 
  • Still mining spiritual traditions for insight in modern ontologies, although I'm less certain of how much benefit I'll derive from going further. I probably need to focus on our concrete needs for psycho- and social technologies.
  • Still intending to learn category theory properly so I can understand Wolfram Physics, and go deeper in functional programming and machine learning. Stuff I started reading but haven't finished
  • Trying to make friends in my new city of Porto.
  • Active Inference / Predictive Processing / Fristonian Free-Energy is calling me as a frame so I want to learn the math for it ASAP.

Some more things:

I like seeing the big picture, here's an unhinged inspired moment where I mapped high-level interdependence of things that seem relevant in the path from human experience to human flourishing in deep time.


Also here's a twitter thread of (nearly) all my ideas up to Apr 2022. 


This is sort of what I'm doing: